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  1. 21 hours ago · Firefighters continued to battles three fires at Camp Pendleton on Thursday that had burned at least 8, acres, U.S. Marine Corps officials said. The blazes remained in .
  2. The burned-out warehouse had to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. L'entrepôt brûlé a dû être démoli et reconstruit complètement. burned out, burned-out, also UK: burnt out, burnt-out adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." figurative (person: overworked, exhausted.
  3. burned-out {adj} ausgebrannt: severely burned {adj} [person] schwerbrandverletzt: archaeo. burned clay: verziegelter Lehm {m} archaeo. burned layer: Brandschicht {f} FireResc med. burned patient: Verbrennungspatient {m} burned smell: Brandgeruch {m} 3 Wörter: sb./sth. has / had burned: jd./etw. hat / hatte gebrannt: burned / burnt corpses.
  4. May 25,  · The Verb: 'Burned' Versus 'Burnt' Burned and burnt are both acceptable past-tense forms of the verb to burn, but which one you use depends on where you live because the verb burned is the much more common form in the United States and Canada.
  5. May 29,  · Ancient Israelites burned cannabis as part of their religious rituals, an archaeological study has found. A well-preserved substance found in a 2,year-old temple in Tel Arad has been.
  6. Define burned. burned synonyms, burned pronunciation, burned translation, English dictionary definition of burned. v. burned or burnt, burn·ing, burns v. intr. 1. To undergo combustion or be consumed as fuel: The dry wood burned quickly. 2. To be damaged, injured, or.
  7. Burned definition, to undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire: The fire burned in the grate. See more.
  8. Burns are one of the most common household injuries, especially among children. Most people can recover from burns without serious health consequences, depending on the degree of injury. We’ll.

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